Day 2 – 10:00 am nap


I fell into REM in  about 5 minutes. Even though the last pretty picture I posted about my bedroom balcony the reality is a little different as rice field needs to be prepeared… with machinery… some sort. So there was a guy under  my windows rolling around with a … i don’t know what.

P.S. Good to know – WordPress doesn’t support any video format  to be uploaded unless I pay for VideoPress, so I set up a youtube channel specially for that blog.

As i’m in Indonesia a 10MB video upload takes 6 minutes.

If you are more interested in polyphasic sleeping then see for more information this website. It’s currently developing. I have no connection with the owners of it.

I found that all the small things that are messy get to me really fast when I’m tired. A little grumpy, so I plan to keep everything organized. Before the nap I cleaned my table.

After last post i didn’t make it to breakfast after all because this blogging takes its time. As this writing is for me I’m not going to worrie about any grammar mistakes.


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